Who We Are?

Our Mission

we are here to breed in ourselves and in other people the nature of Christ.

 {Philippians 2:5; Colossians 3:16}

we believe in the possibility of the above mission when we are willing to be touched and to adjust in line with the word of God.

we are ready for the word of God to change us!


We are very much grateful to God that wemyouthonthego is impacting lives of very many people across the globe positively.

The testimonies we are getting is a source of encouragement to us.

Our motivation and strength source

we have a custom, “God speaks first” we try as much as possible to receive God’s directives before making a move.

  • we take note of the Bible lines.
  • We open to receive God's voice.
  • We ensure the comfortability of the comforter.