Developing A Sound Mindset For All Round Success.

A Bless others class by Bro Josiah Akinpelumi

Like it or not, we all have the call to leadership. In whatever way you may have been dodging from taking a leadership position in your church, school or working place, you will one day become a leader. Either you are conscious of it or not, you will become a leader. So, having a sound mindset is crucial to be successful as a leader.

And this is what we will be considering,
Developing A Sound Mindset For All Round Success.

We all know spectacles. Don’t we?

Now, you will all agree with me that spectacles are in different forms, colours, and are used for different reasons. Yes ?

There is a normal white glasses. There are sun glasses and many more.

Now, you will also agree with me that the way a person using a sun glass will see under the sun will be absolutely different from a person not using any.

Any objection?

Now, the way we(you and I)see the world is different
You know why?

Because we look at the world using different spectacles.

Your spectacle may be your culture, tribe, family belief, religious beliefs, or somebody handed you yours.

And do you know what that spectacle is? That spectacle is our mindset.

What is Mindset?

Mindset is the way our mind is set. It is the way our mind is configured which determines the way we see things and understand realities around us.

Our mind plays a crucial role in our everyday activities and how we react, relates and responds to the happenings around us.

Our development, be it psychologically, spiritually, Academically, maritally and many more has a lot to do with our mind.

Within a culture, nation, church and among multitude, an individual can have a different mindset.

A mindset that lifts him up, when others are going down.
A mindset that says Yes, when others are saying No.

Romans 12:2
KJV:And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

This Bible verse put a great emphasis on “mind renewal”.Your conduct has a lot to do with your mind.

Even if you are born again and there is no active work on your mind, you will regress backward in no time.

Don’t force a Christian to do anything, because if that thing he is doing is not from within, he can never be consistent in it and there will be no reward for it.

God looks at your heart. Human judges by what they see.
Jeremiah 17:10

Your mindset is a principal factor at which you can impact lives and also force heaven to impact you.

I will discuss this Topic under two broad sub-topics.

1. The Technical aspect of Mindset.

2. The practical aspect of Mindset.

1. The Technical aspect of Mindset.

Under this sub topic, I will show you 5 components to mindset from the children of Israel.

It will entails much detailed reading of bible texts.. But I will only list the Bible passages here.

Read: Exodus 14:11-12, 16:15-20 and Numbers 15: 32-33.

From this texts, I will show you five mindset that the israelites had that destroyed most of them.

And many of us still has this exact mindset.


The whole nation of Israel was developed in slavery.
They became a nation in slavery, they never became a nation on their own.
70 people moved to Egypt during Joseph era(Genesis 46:27) as the governor and from there they became a nation there.
So, the only place they knew was Egypt and despite the agony they went through in Egypt, anytime they faced a little problem in the wilderness, they always want to go back to Egypt.

๐Ÿ”– A slave holds his identity to his master.
๐Ÿ”– A slave is unable to decide for himself, but will always wait for his master to think, and decide even crucial issues for him.
๐Ÿ”– The opinion of his master matters, because he has no freedom to choose from his own thoughts.

Number 2

They were unable to see abundance because they never had enough in Egypt.

They were so addicted to scarcity that even when God gave them manner as food in abundance, they were unable to handle it.

God told them to pack just what they could finish for a day, but due to the scarcity mindset, they packed more than what they needed and it stank the next morning.

If you have a scarcity mindset, you will never be able to handle abundance of anything.
This is majorly the problem we have in Africa as a continent. Most of us and our leaders were brought up in Scarcity.
That is why when we and our political leaders see money, we don’t spare it.
When people get used to scarcity, they never get satisfied even when there are enough for everybody.

3. Simple-Minded mindset.

Slavery life is the most simplest lifestyle you can ever imagine. Am I saying it’s a pleasant lifestyle?
No, I mean it is a simple lifestyle.

They and their forefathers were addicted to a routine for the past 430 years.(Exodus 12:40)

Leave home in the morning– Make bricks or any other physical hardwork —- get beaten— get bread— return home to sleep.

And they repeat that routine every day, that was d rhythm of their life.

So, when that routine was changed, they found it difficult to adjust.

Simple minded people cannot handle complex issues.
They always complain and hid when complex issues are forth coming.

People with this mindset can never have a happy home, just because they lack the capacity to handle difficulties.

Most of these people runs from extra activities in the society.

You will see them begin to panic when they are faced with challenges.

4. Small mindset.

Goshen land which is a small space assigned unto Joseph’s brethren to stay(Genesis 47:27) was the same small space a whole nation grew and managed. It was about 2 million people crammed up in tiny little spaces meant for just 70 people.

The condition of their environment set the tone at which they saw themselves, they saw themselves as small. So, when they sent those spies to canaan land, despite the largeness of that land, they thought it was devouring it citizens. They described themselves as grasshoppers. They could not think big.

When you have a small mindset, big things will scare you.

You will always think and feel that having a million naira is too big for you to handle.

These set of Christians always see being rich as a sin. Because, they are used to small things, small money, small food, small phones, small houses.

I will talk more about this in the practical abnormalities of mindset.

The language of people with small mindset is “I cannot do it”.

5. Selfish mindset.

This is the result of having a small mindset.

When you are small minded, you can never be able to see beyond your personal interest.

You will always be looking out for you and yourself because survival is the mode.

Those are the 5 technical aspects to Mindset

I will head on to discuss some practical things about wrong mindset that has limit or can limit our success.

I might not be able to mention all areas. But, I pray we learn and get understanding from these ones.


Let me quickly chip this in before I continue.

Your mindset is crucial to everything you will become in life.
The outcome of your life is dependent on the condition of your mindset(proverb 23:7).

I will state some area I believe we’ve allowed wrong mindset to mislead us.


Over the centuries, the Christian world has built and stuck to what I will term as a Fear mindset for politics.

We always encourage ourselves with cowardice words that the place is not meant for Christians.

And yes, over the centuries, we’ve left that position over to the people who ain’t conscious of God to saturate and implement their own rules and conditions.

Even from the lowest root of politics, starting from your street to the highest political position, how many men that fear God can you count?

It is so because we’ve left it to be saturated by them.

It’s like a land, a fertilized land, left uncultivated over the years. What do you think will happen to that land?
You think it will cultivate itself? Or stay clean all by itself?
No !
It will become a forest, a very thick one that harbours dangerous animals of all sorts.

This is exactly what has happened to our political system.

We always claim the place has been dominated by dark powers. Which is true.

But, what were we doing when the place was getting dominated by dark powers?

We always claim politics in Nigeria is different from other countries, but what i see as a difference in Nigeria politics and other country politics is the willingness of people with excellence agenda and sound mind to contend for position.

America politics was founded upon a strong Christian belief. You can check yourself, see their foundational political leaders, and you will see what I mean.

And till date that has helped that country even rise to become a world leading Nation.

We’ve been praying for Nigeria for centuries, but it just seem it’s getting more worse by the years.

What if God is waiting for us to take an action?

Our mindset is so terrible that we believe any Christian that attain the position of politics will automatically compromise.

Some, even believe it is a sin to contend for a political position.

And I’m still surprise that we are praying to God to perform some abracadabra on Nigeria.
Really? Abracadabra without a definite step or action?

I was discussing this political issue with my parent earlier this year. And this is what I told them.

I said, if Christian leaders in this Nation can come together and organise a strategic training on Leadership that will expose minds of vibrant Christians on how to rule nations and affairs of state using godly principles

Let these Christian leaders stand and be seen as mentors and role models to them.

Let them support these people both in prayers and in words.

Then, release them to gradually saturate political positions from the lowest to the highest.

Starting from the highest can be suicidal in the current position Nigeria is.

Then, with consistency and focus they will saturate even the highest position. It may take time, but it will work.

Proverbs 29:2 said; When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

Is it not obviously true now. If there will ever be peace in this country, it is until righteous people strategically placed step into those positions.

Let stop thinking these leaders who are devoid of God will suddenly start doing good for our Nation. It doesn’t work like that.

Personally, I’ve decided that anywhere I find myself, I will always try all my best to occupy positions, not just anyhow positions, but one that can make effective changes to situations.

I can’t be in an Academic department where I’m going to spend ample years of my life and some small boys who are completely ignorant of what leadership means occupy position where they can mismanage Funds and nobody will be able to question or retrieve those money back.

It’s not possible!

I’ve positioned myself in a strategic places where I can influence decisions and make people pay for their dubious actions.

And I’m determined to set a trademark of excellence leadership that will even continue after i’m gone out of that place.

To train and leave people behind that can take up the role of good leadership and set the tone for continuous excellent leadership.

Until we wake up to take the place of excellence leadership wherever we are, Nigeria can not be better. It’s not a curse. Nigeria can never become a better place if the wicked continue to rule.


Well, you might say or be thinking “what does this small boy have to say about marriage when he himself have not even entered the ship”.

Well, you’re right to think or say something like that.

But, let me tell you, I’m of the school of thought that Experience is not always the best teacher, observation is.
Observation is most times the best teacher.

So, I don’t need to be married before I can know/understand one or two things about marriage.

I have neighbors, friends and families that are already in that ship, so it is not necessary to enter that ship before I can understand some things.
I can stay ashore and watch how the ship moves through the ocean, I’m even in the best position to know and explain the causes why it is moving in such a particular pattern.

So, the first wrong mindset about marriage is”

๐Ÿ”– Thinking you need to be married before you can know the dynamics of marriage.

This is a very wrong mindset that you need to deal with. You need to understand the things that are understandable before marriage.

I can’t start listing the things you need to know about marriage.

But, I’m going to advise you should stop this nonchalant attitude of telling yourself ” we go cross the bridge when we get there”…Hmm..The bridge can collapse ooooo.

There are books you can read to know more.

There are people you can meet that will analyse more about marriage to you.

Don’t get carried away with searching for money. Money is good, but it is not a guarantee you will have a good marriage.

You can be rich and sad if the condition of your marriage is not right.

That you are spiritually vibrant is not equivalent to having a happy marriage if you haven’t developed or understand some basic things about relationships.

Another wrong mindset that need to be corrected before you marry is that Women are technically your slave.

Women are not technically slaves” in Marriage.

This is what our culture has taught us to believe. That is the mindset most people have these days.
And we can see this is the actions of many husbands

Your wife is in the kitchen cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning the floor and with a child crying to suck, and you Mr husband, in the sitting room, watching football and chatting with your friends.

She is your help meet,(Genesis 2:18)not your servant. Love thrives in a home where both parties sees the need in easing each other of an avoidable stress.

Treat your wife like the Queen you used to call her when you first met her.

Queens don’t spend all their days in the kitchen.
Allow them to pursue their dreams, don’t camp them in your little house.
They are sent to assist you.
You both work the same hours at work, you both return home tired, you still expect her to do all the kitchen works and still carry out the bed room responsibilities?

Another wrong mindset in marriage

Mindset that your wife cannot earn than you.

Wrong mindset she cannot shine more than you.

Wrong mindset about respect in marriage.

This aspect of respect is another topic on it own.Our Yoruba culture so much give reference to some common gymnastics posture as respect. I’m not saying you shouldn’t kneel to greet or reference your husband. But, we should really try to understand what respect means.

Husbands doesn’t prostrate for their wives, but the wives knows if their husband respect them or not. That’s the kind of honour I’m talking about.

Wrong mindset that money is the determinant of a good marriage.

Wrong mindset that the husband alone should be responsible for all the bills payment without you contributing any.

I’ve discussed two wrong mindsets

Let us go to the third wrong mindset.

3. Wrong mindset about Social Activities

I grew up with the belief that birthday celebration is a Sin.
Yes, you heard it, a sin!
Until some years back, I used to see everyone celebrating birthday as a candidate of hell. Yeah, it was that terrible.
I later had to reconstruct my mindset towards it.
And today, I celebrate my birthday if that is what you want to know.
If at all there should be a reason for not celebrating birthdays, it should not be on the basis of it been a Sin or not.

I believe in I Corinthians 14:40.

So far every celebration is in orderliness and decency. You don’t have any problem.

Some things we see as normal celebration, be it ; Marriage celebration, house warming, Matriculation, Convocation and many more can become a stumbling block if decency and orderliness are not applied.
There is nothing sinful if on your birthday, having the time and money;
๐Ÿ”–Get yourself a new beautiful dress
๐Ÿ”–Visit a studio for a decent photoshoot either with friends and or family.
๐Ÿ”–Taking yourself out with your friends and or family to a treat in a restaurant.
๐Ÿ”–Impacting lives by donating even a token to orphanage homes.
๐Ÿ”–Making it a special day with of communing with God.
You can do whatever you like, but not with the mindset that it is wrong to celebrate your own birthday.

Valentine is another social event the Christian world has spoken against in the past. We judge churches that fix programs to that particular day to preach Love, we see it as sin and worldliness.
But, Is there anything sinful in taking your wife out on valentine’s day to a shopping mall for some gifts?

Is there a sin in taking your fiancee out to a treat on valentine’s day?
We always see evil in everything, just because of the wrong mindset we’ve developed.
We always assume, Valentine is a day evil things are done by sinners?

Do you know the evil things sinners do on Christmas day too? What about new year’s day, Easter day nko?

4. Wrong Mindset about Money.

Christians with wrong mindset about money often rehearse “Money is the source of all evil” and “it will be difficult for rich men to enter heaven” as an excuse for poverty.

They see those who are rich as been evil and wicked.
Every rich man is a ritualist, that is their mindset.

They believe it is entirely wrong to teach money in the church.
The people with small mindset falls under this category.
These are the set of people who will never have a problem with a pastor trecking, driving Okada, or a car that will travel a journey of 45 minute for 3 hours.
But, will begin to see pastor in different perspective of evil when he buys a new car.

And many of you are culprit to this, you join with some ignorant people to condemn pastors who owns private Jet and lives in mansions

But, you are okay with your pastor living in a face me I slap you apartment.

What a foolish mindset!!

They should give the money to the poor you will say; as if only him can cure the poverty problem in the whole world.

You will never comment on the good things they’ve done and are even doing for the poor.
But, your small mindset spirit always deletes that from your memory and make you see the big things with small mind.
If pastors are not prospering, then the things they are teaching us about prosperity are not real.

The richest people on earth should be our pastors. We Christians should be the richest in the world.
We have a manual(bible) that gives the perfect analysis to riches.
But, your mindset has limited and blinded you to those principles. All you do now is criticise the rich while you remain in the poor belief system you inherit from your great grand parent.

Well, I won’t mind the criticism, I mean I can live, in fact live longer with anybody’s criticism when I fly around the world in my private Jet.
Anybody can continue to say whatever he wants, while I live in my million dollar mansion. I am going to start enjoying heaven on earth.
I will never allow this callous and small mindset of religion set the limit to how I will live my life. The choice is yours.

I grew up with the mindset that Bishop David Oyedepo is an antichrist. Sincerely, I always heard that from some pastors, that he only teaches prosperity and that the money he has is not clean. But, on getting to know more about this man and his ministry, I found out that everything I’ve heard about him is wrong.

This man does not only teach prosperity. I have tonnes of his messages and also some of his book where he teaches about; Sanctification, holiness, Faith, Holy ghost baptism, Rapture and many more biblical doctrines.

You see, some pastors and Christians are only saying ill about that man because he is stinkingly rich.
And you can see the result on his members, most of them(not all of them) are rich.
Most of them have a sound mindset about prosperity.

But, we see it as a sin to teach money/prosperity in church. It is a very wrong mindset

5. Familiarity; a wrong mindset.

We live in a part of the world where we believe been ahead of someone in age is a guarantee to disrespect them, while they must respect us.

During my days in high school, a J.s.s 2 student can punish you that is in J.s.s 1 under the notion he is your senior.
And the most annoying part is that, you might be older than them, but just for the fact they are in a class ahead of you, they will almost kill you.
People who attended public secondary schools can relate well. This belief system has made many lose blessings.
We are so familiar with everybody that we cannot see the grace and anointing individuals carry.
Is it not pastor B? Wetin he won preach wey we never hear?

This was the same problem the jews had with Jesus, ” is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph whose father and mother we know”? (John 6:42)
They missed tonnes of blessings and until today there are still expecting a saviour who already died thousands of years ago.
Many of you have this shallow and callous believe that until Pst Adeboye lays hands on you that you can never be healed. Meanwhile, just opposite your room there is brother Lekan that can pray for them but since you both live in the same building and share the same bathroom, you will never be able to see the grace he carries.

We just automatically believe our friends, siblings and our parents can do nothing extraordinary for us just because they are too close to us.
It is a mindset.!!!

Even though he is your closest friend you both got involved in a rough play in the afternoon, don’t be so carried away by that, and be ready to learn if he is to teach you something at night.

I know some of you do think, he is not even rich yet, and he is teaching us about Money, what does he knows about it? You may never grow financially with that mindset.

Is it not that dark and not too tall sister, that usually claims two fellowship branch? I know her very well. “Wetin she won teach that is beyond the letters”? Familiarity!!!.

And this mindset has also graduated into our relationship with God.
You get too familiar with God. No respect for him.
Immediately some start seeing one or two fake visions and trance…..Lobaton!!
We no go hear word again.

They are now bigger than God, you start seeing them behaving like the king of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Familiarity is a family member to pride. And I hope you understand what pride means before God.(James 4:16)

6. Wrong mindset about Parenting.

Not all parent pattern of training or building children can be replicated. Never!
Take it or leave it!
Some patterns or let me say mindset many parent used in raising their children resulted into some emotional trauma many are going through till now.

Some are with the mindset that their female children will turn out with an unwanted pregnancy if they are not dealt with with “iron hands”.

Many of our parents thought they were doing good to us, but it resulted into many psychological problems we needed to deal with over the years.

Talk of low self esteem? Talk of mediocrity?

These are some of the many emotional trauma that resulted from some of the patterns they invented in training us.

Don’t think I don’t believe Proverbs 22:15, I do believe that verse.
But, the “rod of correction” is not necessarily cains, kobokos, slaps and many ridiculous punishments we often receive.
It is not necessary you hit a child before he can take to correction.

That is what most of our parent believed.

We weren’t allowed to freely mingle and converse with others children like us. Some parents have a mindset that other children are witches and wizards.

Our parent loves us in their own way in which they can, but the patterns at which we were trained didn’t allow us to Love others.

Don’t you marvel that many young girls brought up under such condition usually ends up fulfilling the fear of their parent? Many eventually got the unwanted pregnancy!

Many young ladies cannot sit one on one with their mums to discuss crucial issues like relationships, marriage, sex, and others. Why? Because there isn’t a connection. All they do is slap or shut you up whenever you’re trying to discuss crucial issues with them.

See, there is a shift in parenting. The children born these days are extremely inquisitive than during our own generation.

It’s as if their brains are wired with 5G network from God.

Gone are the days when you will ask a child to sit down and they will obey you without blinking an eye.

But, the children born these days, will need a genuine reason why they should sit where you told them to sit. Will ask you for how many minutes are they to sit there?

And if you are unable to give a concrete reasons, you shouldn’t be angry they will not listen to you.

I was with a very young girl of not up to four years old. And she asked me how to give birth to a child
What!๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ! I was surprised!
I know instead of some parent to answer such question with wisdom, it’s either they slap her mouth and punish her for asking such question. Thinking it is evil spirit of fornication that is speaking through her. I was surprised she asked me such question. When I was her age, all i could think about was how to eat biscuit and groundnut. I quickly pushed her to her mom to answer the question.

So, if you are still stuck with the old and wrong mindset of raising children. Your products might not be up to standard.

Let me quickly point out two things a wrong mind can do to you.

Number 1.

Read Judges 6:1-16.

A whole nation of Israel were under the bondage of fear, it’s amazing how they’ve forgotten they are God’s symbol on earth.

Gideon, along side with his people was suckling in fear “threshing wheat by the winepress” to hide from the midianites.
His own fear was even of the highest level, threshing wheat where you ought to be making Juice or wine”

His mindset was that he is as well helpless and powerless as other persons in Israel,
His mind relegated him to dine and swim in fear, never getting any hint he was a mighty man of valour.
Had it been that Angel never appeared to him, he would had lived and died like a common man.
The way you view yourself is the exact way you will be.(proverbs 23:7)

If you see yourself as a pauper, so are you.

If you allow your limited environment dictate what success is to you, you will never succeed above the view of your environmental success.

Let me also use Paul and Peter as a case study.

I caught an insight between these two.

That been a firing Christian for many years is not equivalent to a sound mind. Yes, I just said it, come and catch me.

You can be speaking in tongues and your mind still on the negative side of the scale.

Between Paul and Peter, who should understand more about extending the gospel to the gentiles and also having an excellent relationship with them?
Who? Peter of course.!!!

But, this man mindset was still stuck in the tradition of men that the jews shouldn’t be seen with the gentiles
Despite all the messages of Jesus, despite all the prophecies that the death of Jesus Christ would extend to the gentiles. Peter never grew in his mind to accept that reality. We can see in Gal 2:11-16.

Peter never made as much impact Paul had on the gentiles.
Your mindset can limit your influence.

Numbers 13:16-33. 14: 8-38

12 leaders from each tribes were sent to spy canaan land.

Only Caleb and Joshua had a sound mindset and brought a sound report of hope that ” we can possess it; for we are well able to overcome it”.

But those with a wrong mindset brought evil report about the land and refer to themselves as grasshoppers.

This is what happened to them; Num 14: 37.
KJV:Even those men that did bring up the evil report upon the land, died by the plague before the Lord.

While those with a sound mindset lived still.
Your mindset can take you to an early grave. It can shatter your destiny while you’re still alive.

How To Develop A Sound Mindset.

I will give you some solutions to wrong mindsets from the lives of Caleb and Gideon.
Even though, they both grew amidst people and in a nation that had a faulty mindset, still they became champions in their lifetime.

1.Destroy the Alters.

Judges 6:25-26

If you will deal with your “midianites”, you shouldn’t start with them, but start with yourself. Because, the enemy is not out there, the enemy is within you. You are the enemy.

These alters represent your belief systems.

These alters are the things you need to break down first.
A belief system is the cornerstone of your mindset.
A belief system is the centre of devotion.

Gideon’s father house belief system is a small mindset. So, it needs to be dealt with before he can become big.

So, you will need to confront your own belief systems.

It may be your proud culture.
It may be the way you were trained by your parent or even your religion.

It may be what you termed to be the best way in the world.

So, you cannot change a mindset without confronting your own core beliefs and that of your society.

Start from your Generational believe down to your father’s house.

If you are not able to defeat your own belief systems(your enemy) you will never be able to defeat the enemies without.

2.Deal with Images.

Images represent what you see, things you hope for, they are the symbol of your aspiration.

In every nation,society, religion, and family there are images that stand very strong.
Images that set a limit to achievements, to success, to improvements and many more.

Deal with those images.
Change your thoughts.Change your imagination. Start dreaming big.

3. Follow God and believe in your self.
Joshua 14:7-9

Caleb decided not to follow his nation nor his tribe. He didn’t follow the limiting words even his parents told him.

He made a commitment to follow God.
He followed his heart because he trusted who was inside him not the outward condition.
Many of us knows what is inside us, but we are scared of what people will do or say.
If you will follow God and follow your heart. You will do exploit.
Be yourself. Act like you. Follow your dreams.
Stop acting like a slave that need to follow instruction from somebody.

Believe in yourself.

4. Follow the big picture.

Joshua 14:12

Caleb followed the big picture. Immediately, he heard God’s promise that he will take them to a land flowing with milk and honey, he painted his house at the mountain top in his heart and followed it.

God’s promises for you should be your big picture. What is God telling you? Follow it.

5. Be Exposed.

Exposure plays a vital role in how we see things.
Now, exposure is not necessarily Education, no!
I’ve met and seen people who are educated but not exposed. And I’ve seen a few who are not educated but are very exposed. The world is shifting, it is moving into an era where old notions and believes can never thrive.
The world is talking about 5G network,You’re asking is 3G out? Get exposed to the latest in your world.
It is not necessary you travel to America before you can know the things going on there. Get a book and read.

Go out, leave your zone of comfort.
I’m sometimes amazed when I see some people live their entire life in a particular region.

Born in osun state.

Primary school– Osun state.

Secondary school…. Osun state.

Tertiary institution…..osun state

Industrial training… Osun state
NYSC service…… Redeployment back to osun state

Working in osun state.

Married in osun state.

Children were born in osun state.

Try and go out. Meet people. See the world.

By so doing, you will see this local champion life you’re living is outdated. You can never be able to see beyond your environment if you are not exposing your mind to ideas that are beyond your environment.

Your mindset is wired to work based on the conditions of your environment.

If you are in a small environmental, you will think the world is like that.

The way a person in an aeroplane will see the world will be different from the explanation of a person who lives here on plane grounds.

And the way an astronaut will see the earth will be different from the man inside a plane, so, it is the degree at which you expose your heart that will determine how sound you’ll become

The conditions of your environment can determine where you will go in life. The conditions of your environment can make you never to recognise any good. Leave your comfort zone and travel around.

If not for God’s will, I should be somewhere far in the north schooling.
I’ve been to some states in the West, I want to explore the north too.
I would love to see life the way the northerners see it, maybe that is what is even giving them an edge to always be in control in this country.
I want to understand more of how they think and behave and see how to strategically win them to Christ.

Leave your comfort zone.

Let me round up with this story.

I Heard of a Nigerian pastor who was invited to minister in a church in America. On getting to the hotel booked for him, suddenly he started packing out his cloth. Then somebody asked him, what he was doing. The pastor replied and said “I want to quickly iron my cloths before they take the light.”
They bursted out laughing and replied him that this is America, they don’t take light here.
That pastor’s mindset has been wired under the Nigeria condition of how electricity works, and was not able to comprehend the reality of stable light in another country.

Leave your comfort zone and be exposed to new ideas.

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