======================= How To Find Your Purpose! =======================   One of the questions I get asked a lot is “How do I know what I should be doing? I don’t know what my purpose is and what I should throw my life at, I don’t know what I really want to do with my life, how do I discover my purpose?”   And this is a very valid and very critical concern, because It’s frustrating to go through life, not knowing where you fit.   What’s worse is being around or observing people who have found where they fit, and are working in their element. It’s breathtaking to see someone working in his purpose, and functioning in his/her element… And frustrating to be lost not knowing where your yellow sun is   So let me try to help you demystify it (if not for you, but for the sake of someone around you in this dilemma)  
Before now, when asked this question I would give a myriad of answers which are still very much valid, but I got a perspective from T. D. Jakes that summed it all up.    Bishop Jakes said he was talking with his son, who was doing a 4 year degree in Musical Engineering, and his son said    “Daddy I’m going back to school, I think it’s what I want to do, but supposing it’s not, supposing I throw everything at it, and it’s really not the thing?”   TD Jakes leaned over the table and said to him “Don’t worry about it son, if it’s not the thing, it will be the thing that leads to the thing”   There’s a high chance that you’ve heard my story of how all I wanted to do was to play pro basketball (bear with me even if you’ve heard this story a hundred times, I’m going somewhere with this)    At that time I wasn’t thinking of being a Transformational Leader, Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Disruptor, or any of that stuff…    I just wanted to break some ankles in the NBA, win some Championships, make a lot of money in unusually large volume, and make my mark in the Sports world… That was my thing then (and there’s nothing wrong with that)    But unlike many people, I threw my absolute whole in it… I would work miles to where the basketball court was, train for hours, and work back home, it required energy, but I was just getting started…   I would buy and watch every DVD available on Pro basketball, NBA, And 1, and the legends of the game, and I would watch it in the evening when I got back from playing…   In the middle of the night I would not sleep either, I would watch the Playoffs live from about 12/1am till about 4/5am… I was paying the price, even with my sleep   Because I realized that these successful athletes have a mindset, I would read any books on success, I would go to any seminar that was within my budget (and since I had no money, Within my budget really meant Free!)    And more than that I would jog every morning for a couple of miles, and come home and do some work outs… In other words    “I was throwing everything I had at it”… Because I believed that that was my thing!    Amidst all of these, something interesting began to happen, the more I studied for success, the more I felt a greater pull to share what I was learning.    It was an un-ignorable pull… I was hard pressed to do this stuff… To share this strategies with others… In fact as I studied for success, I saw a big need around me, people where frustrated, living a mediocre life, and were ignorant of how to turn it around…   If there are 2 things that I really hate… Poverty and Ignorance (with the 3rd being Sickness)   So I started playing this numbers game with me. I said I’ll play basketball for only 15 years, then I’ll retire and start on this pulling Passion.    Later I said OK, I’ll play for just 10 years, and another time I said maybe 7 years, and later… OK let me just do 5 years…    Until I had a 25 minutes experience that made me hit the threshold of “It’s time to leave the good stuff for the great stuff”   My point?   Most times, Your Purpose comes from Stumbling… Everyone may not be fortunate to have parents like that of Mark Zuckerberg, the Williams Sisters or Tiger Woods… Parents who had the eye to spot your innate abilities, and had the discipline and resources to put you in an environment where that gift had the setup to soar…    In fact for many, your core purpose do not break forth until you’re much older…    So what you’ve got to do is to pick the closest thing to what your heart accepts, and that showcases your strength… And throw your whole self at it.    Your heart may not totally accept it but that’s OK… Give it your best shot anyway…    It will lead to the thing… Note though: it may not directly lead to the thing, it may lead to the thing that leads to the thing that you were designed for…    Try something, if it doesn’t sit well with you, and you’re really struggling with it, and your heart seem to yearn for something else, give that a shot…    Purpose, many times comes from stumbling, and stumbling comes from movement… You’ve got to keep moving.    Jesus said “Occupy till I come”   Apart from the spiritual context, another way to look at it is… Keep the ball rolling while waiting for me to give you your life blueprint…    A wise man said: “Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all of your might”   The fact that you are doing something right now that doesn’t seem like a fit, does not mean you should be mediocre at it, or that you shouldn’t give it your best shot.    So it may look like you’re copying others at the moment, and you’re doing that because you’re yet to find where you fit… No problem! DO IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!    I listened to TD Jakes describe how he went from Teaching a class for women to doing a play for them, to writing a book on the subject (which has sold 5 million copies by the way), to doing a Cinema Movie on the subject (which opened him to a whole new purpose involving film making), to hosting annual mega conferences just for these women with tens of thousands physically attending, and more online…  You may have heard of “Woman Thou Art Loose”   At the beginning he wasn’t thinking of all of these… That’s because YOU DON’T REALLY DETERMINE YOUR PURPOSE, YOU DISCOVER IT.    And you discover it largely by stumbling into it, by continuous movement.    There’s also a chance that you’re reading this and you feel you’ve discovered your purpose, well if that’s you, CONGRATULATIONS!    Note though, there’s a high chance you’re yet to discover all of it.    Most people think that purpose is just One Thing – Not True!    Purpose is where you fit, what you were put here to do, problems you were designed to solve… And that my friend is PROGRESSIVE! (most of the time)    Be willing to keep giving it your best shot, and keep stumbling to the next level and the next level… Whatever you’ve got now, don’t try to drive yourself crazy trying to know the next stumbling place of purpose…    One thing though… When you have a pull to the next level, have the COURAGE to RUN after it… Don’t stroll, don’t walk, run after your Destiny!    “Don’t worry about it, if it’s not the thing, it will be the thing that leads to the thing”   #PauseAndThink    – Zubi O’peters

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