The word of God from Brother John Ijato

We are viewing the Holy Spirit under 6 sub topics. Please open your heart, God is set to do

  1. The Holy Spirit Personality
  2. His Work In Our Lives
  3. Spiritual Complacency
  4. The Fullness Of The Holy Spirit
  5. Fellowshipping With The Holy Spirit
  6. How To Fellowship
  7. The Holy Spirit Personality
    The Holy Spirit Is the spirit of God. The first occurrence of the Holy Spirit was in Genesis
    1:2; The spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
    He is the Spirit of truth. John 14:17.
    You will understand John 4:24 under this context. The set of people that can worship God are
    those who possess the Holy Spirit. God is spirit; His worshippers must worship Him in spirit
    and truth.
    The Holy Spirit been the spirit of truth can only be use to connect with the Father. If you don’t
    have the Spirit of truth (Holy Spirit) you can’t worship God.
    Looking at the personality of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is more than just a spirit.
    The Holy Spirit is a person, He possess characteristics of a person.
    The Holy Spirit loves,
    He can be grieved,
    He can be angry,
    Having known the Holy Spirit as a person, you need to treat him as a person, you need to
    love him and spend time with him. You need to see the Holy Spirit beyond a power, an
    experience or the sudden influence of God upon a believer ( in sense that, something that come
    upon you and you begin to speak with tongues). The Holy Spirit is more than that , Holy Spirit
    should be seen as a personality to walk and fellowship with.
    Read what Benny Hinn wrote;

“My pastor reference as regard Holy Spirit had to do with the gifts or tongues or prophecy. Not
He is my closet, most personal, most intimate, most beloved friend. But Kathryn Kuhlman told
me about a person that was more real than you and i.”

  1. The Works Of The Holy Spirit
    Some of us are yet to fully surrender all to him, He said he can’t live in a divided heart. He
    can’t share your heart. He has a dominating nature not managing or squeezing nature. Please
    surrender all now, let him fill the whole place.
    If you fall under this category please quickly do the need full.
  2. He convicts
    The greatest conviction led to our salvation. When you neglect your duty as a believer
    the Holy Spirit convicts you. It makes you feel guilty of not praying or reading the word of God.
    If you are not convicted about all this again, the Holy Spirit has left.
    I was heading somewhere, and the cab broke down. Everybody left the driver with his
    vehicle. And I was almost getting to where i will highlight, as I was leaving, my spirit couldn’t
    go again, I was already feeling a deep sensation of guilty atmosphere around. Here, he was
    telling me to pay the driver. I felt peace after doing the needful.
    The Holy Spirit convicts us while we are at the verge of making mistakes.
  3. He will teach us all things
    You find it difficult to remember things because you are yet to tell the Holy Spirit to take
    Sometimes ago, I was with someone. This person told me how difficult it was remembering
    scripture. Well there is lot to this, but one of the reason is because the Holy Spirit wasn’t called to
    bring it into our remembrance. The more you give the Holy Spirit chance the more you develop
    the intellect of remembering things.
    There are lot more …. To the work of the Holy Spirit
  4. He comforts
  5. He Guides
  6. He counsel
  7. He teach
  8. He intercede on our behalf
    John 14:16-18
    Recently someone asked me;

How do I know my purpose? I told him go to your creator, the creator created you for a purpose
and he will reveal your purpose. He will guide you through to accomplish it, he will counsel
you when you face challenges
I have seen people evangelise and I know what some will say when we meet another fellow.
They repeat the same thing, they give out the same medicine to different sickness. The Holy
Spirit doesn’t work that way. He is not unidirectional, He is multi directional. He interprete the
scripture in new revelations
Tell me you don’t know how to preach, then I will show you a person who lack the Holy Spirit.
Pastor Yinka wrote this,
“You pray just once in a week (and that is a general prayer in church on Sundays), you know
deep down that you lack knowledge, wisdom is far from you and no matter how you try, you
don’t understand things that matter…”
What you need is the Holy Spirit!
And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye
turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left. Isaiah 30:21 KJV
That’s the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit. I have done things I which I have never done. I made
mistakes, but developing a relationship with the Lord will curb us from mistakes. Don’t look for
whom to marry without carrying Holy Spirit along. Don’t go into anything without the Holy
Spirit. Let him be your partner.
He reveals things to us
I was in my house and the Lord was showing me what will happen, I started telling the Lord to
take control. Lo and behold when it happened the Lord took control.
The Holy Spirit reveals things to us in other to prepare us in prayer.
One of my spiritual mummies gave out one of her children’s calculator and it was reveal to her
by the Lord the plan of the enemy over the calculator. She summoned the children into prayer.
The calculator became fire that the borrower returned it. Please give room for the Holy Spirit in
your life

  1. Spiritual Complacency
    Before I proceed, listen to what God said. He said, He invested in some lives and there is
    nothing to show for it. There is nothing he can do about that, this time, he is ready to invest in
    some lives again, if you can truly seek him and promise to be useful. Talk to him for an
    SPIRITUAL COMPLACENCY is the dangerous stage a believer gets to and become
    satisfied with his spiritual level. Many never get the fullness of the Spirit yet they are
    complacent. The journey of the Spirit never ends, it’s an infinite one.
    Paul said,

“Not as though I had already attained….” ,
“I press toward….” ,
“That I may know him..”,
“This one thing I do..”
Those are the languages of a spiritually inclined person. Paul wasn’t just saying it, he practised it,
he develop his relationship with God.
Where have you gotten to that you said you have arrived? What is the percentage, depth, or
width of spirituality that you have gotten that has now gotten to your head? Your prayer still
focus on your personal needs and you said you have arrived,
Pastor sado wrote this,
“Imagine a believer who has not encountered the raw fire of God and yet proclaims to be
firebrand because he speaks in tongue ( Though the source is in doubt)…..”
” Many can describe God fluently but are not intimate with HIM……Your intimacy with God
takes you to the realms of Revelation( Revival).”
Describing God fluently doesn’t mean you are already a person of the Spirit. Your intimacy with
the Holy Spirit describes you as the person of the Spirit.

The Fullness Of The Holy Spirit
The moment we surrender all to Christ, there is a portion of the Holy Spirit in us. This is
refer to as the Holy Spirit within, or you say the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy
Spirit within lead you into fruit bearing (as listed in Gal 5: 22-23)
There is more to this which is the Holy Spirit UPON.
Don’t be complacent with the Holy Spirit within. Thirst more for an outpouring.
The Holy Spirit upon or the infilling of the Holy Spirit births the power of God, birth the gifts of
the Holy Spirit. (Act 2 experience). The evidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit is
Though, this has been a controversial issue in the body today, and I was once there. I joined them
to advocate that speaking in tongue wasn’t a sign of the infilling of the Holy Spirit until I
experience it. The major focus of this study may not be on the fruit or gifts of the Spirit but it
will invoke and reawakening us to see the need of building a constant relationship with the Holy
Spirit which will definitely lead to production of fruits and exhibition of gifts.
May I at this point tell you that the fullness of God’s power is not only in the gift but in the
forming of the complete nature of the Spirit in us.
Please don’t step into any work in the body of Christ if you are not filled with the spirit of God.
If you are already there be it (usher, choir, pastor, children teacher, electrical and electronics,
publicity team & reporting team). PLEASE go and seek the Lord for his fullness else you will be
frustrated and eventually stop your duty. You can’t go far without the Holy Spirit, if you want to
be successful in your God’s given assignment, you need the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Mind
you Jesus didn’t start anything until he was filled. ( Luke 4)
Whatsoever you fill yourself with will definitely tell on you. If you fill your life with social
media, games, movies and other not too important things, you will surely reflect them. But if you
are filled with the Holy Spirit you will reflect Christ.
Please get this right. Watch movies, play games, read books, but let everything be done decently
and in order.
Prioritize your life, have a schedule for each day, week, month and year. In prioritizing, the Holy
Spirit should come first. I think I just help someone.
Fullness of the Holy Spirit is a continuous experience, you don’t graduate in the school of Holy
Spirit fullness. You are either promoted or demoted.
It causes all round transformation in your life, attitude and activities. It leads to spiritual
maturity, you give up childish things. No longer jealous, no longer crucify and criticize. Always
content (not envious) with what he or she has and trusting God for a better advancement.
Many are looking for emotional maturity, the Holy Spirit helps. So many emotional problem in
Christendom today is as a result of not been subjected to the Holy Spirit.

Recently, I was on a study that deals with Christ. And I was praying that I want to be like him.
Let me tell you it’s good to pray to be like Christ, but thing is needful and that made Christ who
he was/is. THE HOLY SPIRIT
Act 11:26
The Apostles were called CHRISTIANS, because people spotted that their behavior was like that
of Christ. Isn’t it?
Sir/ma, there is more.
They were called CHRISTIANS because the spirit that was in Christ was upon them. And it was
this spirit that transformed their way of life. For you to live as Christ lived, for you to be Holy as
he was, for you to do what he did, you need the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
If you are here and not yet filled with the Holy Spirit. Don’t panic, Don’t deal with yourself
hardly. Be calm, The Holy Spirit has been waiting for you to fill you with his presence.
All you need to do now is to surrender, if you are in this category, submit yourself now and call
the Holy Spirit into your life. Call him now, you shall be fill in Jesus name.

  1. Fellowship With The Holy Spirit
    Nobody love to be abandoned, you don’t want to see your loved ones shun you, as if you don’t
    exist. If it happen, you will be sad, I bet it you will cry
    The Holy Spirit has been a victim of this for a very long time. He loves us yet we can’t
    reciprocate this love by fellowshipping with him.
    I wrote this with sadness, yet again with Joy that we will fellowship with him.
    Is anyone seeing the need to cry now, Is anyone seeing the need to beg him for mercy, Is anyone
    seeing the need to say, “Holy Spirit, I am sorry.” Holy Spirit I want to make it right again, I
    want to have communion with you.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy
Ghost, be with you all. Amen.
2 Corinthians 13:14 KJV
The later part, “The communion of the Holy Spirit.”
Some version simply put “The fellowship of the Holy Spirit”
Msg version put it this way; intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit
Beyond all our beautiful experiences of speaking in tongues and others, The Holy Spirit wants an
intimate relationship with us. He wants us to worship him and adore him.
Don’t be deceive you can have the gift and Holy Spirit is no longer there again. Don’t be decieve
The more you fellowship the more he fills you. Holy Spirit is ready now, he is looking for usable
men he can fill. Present yourself before him. Your life will never remain the same again in Jesus

  1. How To Fellowship
    Spending time (intimacy) or communion with the Holy Spirit requires serious time of
    DIALOGUE not monologue
    Dialogue is the communication between two or more people. The Holy Spirit wants a dialogue,
    he want you to speak to him and he will speak back to you.
    How do we dialogue? It’s through PRAYER
    You become aware of the nature of the Holy Spirit when you enter a life of prayer.
    The set of people the Holy Spirit use are men of Prayer. It’s a pity today that believers can do a
    day or weeks without rich communication with the Holy Spirit.
    You start losing his presence the moment you stop communing with him
    The Holy Spirit can inspire you as you read God’s word, even anoint you as you preach. But if
    you desire an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit you need to Pray. Praying for your
    personal needs alone is not what we are saying.
    Sweet Holy Spirit, have your way in our lives.
    We are limiting ourselves, we have deprived ourselves, and the Devil rejoice to see this.
    Holy Spirit is there to share in our Joy & grieves. We end up sharing our daily encounter /
    activities with people only( Families, Friends and enemies). Yet the Holy Spirit is there waiting
    for us to initiate a conversation.
    He wants us to say “Sweet Holy Spirit I love you.”

Sweet Holy Spirit thank you for today, and you will see him asking, how was today, tell me
about your experience today. And you will begin to fellowship with him.
He knows everything you are going through but he won’t do anything until you Communicate.
Some of us here need to call the Holy Spirit for baptism tonight,
Some us need to cry out for the power,
And you shall receive power after that the Holy Spirit has come upon you. Call on him now
Some of us here need to have a constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Tell him you want to
be with him. Tell him you want to have a cordial relationship with him.
Any category you find yourself now begin to cry unto the Lord.
He has done it before, he will do it again.
He is set to revive us. Talk to him right now.
As you diligently seek the Lord, he will answer you In Jesus name. AMEN

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