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LOVE FOR GOD! What does it entails…?  
 It’s the readiness and total acceptance of taking responsibilities that come from God. Love for God is loosing ones life to God.
What do I mean?Loosing our life here does not mean we die physically, loosing our life here means living one’s all to the last breath for God. I mean dying to sin, self, ego, pride etc
 In the real sense, before a man dies, he controls himself, dictates and decides for himself. But the moment he dies, he can no longer dictate and decide for himself, it is the people that owns him that dictates for him. Loving God is loosing our lives to live for God. It means we are no longer in control of our Life, God is the one in control of our life. Love is not just a confession, it is profession, love for God is more than saying it, it is living what we profess.
It’s the love that we possess that makes us work for him. love for God = working for God. Yes it Relates to Serving God.
Loving God is not serving Men, it is serving God. Loving God is More than just doing church work it is doing God’s Work. So many people serve and work for men, not for God. The most important Service in Christianity is walking with God. You can work for God and walk with God. But if you walk with God, you will definitely work for Him.
Working for God is more than just occupying positions working for God is occupying men. Judas worked for God, because he wasn’t walking with God, he ended up being destroyed. In working with God, what is important is not our acts. what is important is our Heart. Amaziah worked with the Lord but not with a perfect Heart. 2 chro 25:2.
 Before we can truly work for God, we must walk with God. Our Heart is important in working for God. Sometimes in doing the work of God we may displease people. it is better to loose our place with Men than to loose it with God.
 Men may appreciate your presence in a particular place, if God has not sent you there, it is just a waste of time. In working for God, following the instructions of God is important. if you Join a unit, office or organisation that God has not sent you to instead of you to be a blessing to them you will become a burden and problem to them.
Remember the story of Jonah, God sent him to Niniveh, he went to Tarshish. He caused problem for those people in the ship, he became a burden  to Tarshish instead being a blessing to them.
 Please know that ”Love for God” is not deciding for God, it is allowing God decide for you. Love for God is our passion and readiness to the work of God. Many had really not worked on themselves but in rush to work on God.
No oo, it’s not really the position in church but your position in Christ. While some don’t even have it in mind to work for God and we profess loving God. It is not done. Well, it is not until you become a worker, but you can as well join the working force
 Always welcome this in heart:  Bearing with one another: Working for God is really wonderful, knowing fully well that you ain’t the only one working in a certain unit, different individuals with different reasoning. It is not right when you say a brother or sister’s own is too much. Also, there could be such things too, with the love you have for God and your neighbor, you would overcome it
 Submission: Let’s enjoy our wonderfully wonderful leaders. I am sure that there are many things we think, it should be like this and like that, maybe all can not understand, but that doesn’t deprive you of wanting to serve God. Let’s work on understanding people too. Pray holy Spirit enlighten us more.
 Love for God can cost you many things — your resources, — time– life
There is a secret that many who decides not to work for God loses per time. When you work for God, with a right mind you keep falling in love with God. As many that are saved as a result of God’s love, the best way to tell God that you love him is to render your service to him. The more you do the work of God the more relevant you would be to God
 There are benefits we enjoy as we serve.
1. You get informed and receive instructions per time 2. Protection in full 3. You will be enriched as well to bless others 4. You will do things beyond the physical
Many have allowed themselves to be condemned in doing the work of God Acts 5:1-4 But there was a man named Ananias (with his wife Sapphira) who sold some property. And brought only part of the money, claiming it was the full price. (His wife had agreed to this deception.) But Peter said, “Ananias, Satan has filled your heart. When you claimed this was the full price, you were lying to the Holy Spirit. The property was yours to sell or not, as you wished. And after selling it, it was yours to decide how much to give. How could you do a thing like this? You weren’t lying to us, but to God.”
 Let me interpret; you decided to give your life to Christ, you have also decided to work for him. Why not then walk with Him with a plain heart, playing game with God or eyes service. This kind of service is condemned already. This is to encourage us, even if you feel you are exhausted in working for God, there is enough strength on the throne. Tell  yourself to never be idle, remain focus and keep working.
Please know that the devil isn’t folding hands and watching you doing the things of God. He can deal with your emotions,  introduce you pride as well.
Let’s abstain from every appearance of pride, it can destroy one totally. Ensure you are surrounded with true brethren.
 I have actually brought out the lesson, but we can still relate this.I was privileged to serve God in a unit, I have also really enjoyed God while on campus. And now I have always wanted not to be idle, I remain focus and still working. Please know that the devil isn’t folding hands and watching you doing the things of God, then he crept in, and got my emotions and also brought in pride as well, please know this and abstain from every appearance of pride, it can destroy you totally, thank God for total restoration and brethren around, I have enjoyed much provision and if i lack, I check my service or better still God wants me to understand somethings as touching delay. And now my mind is made up, never to be captured. Oh, what can separate me form the love for God.
This topic is beyond what we can finish, I want us all to take our time and get more understanding from God.

It is well with us in Jesus name. AMEN.

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