we set to impact lives with the things of god

The life of every man is attached to God the creator; the life of every man will begin to make a positive difference when the owner is allowed to influence it.

hypertension, high blood pressure, heart disease
Your Health matters

Your body is the carrier of your soul and your spirit, you need to fortify it.

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Singles talks

A single life is an opportunity


bookshelf, old, library

Utility is a page that gives access to other life matters

  • life Histories: You can easily learn from the biography of great men of God.
  • great quotes: Wise words
  • Counseling Office: we all need advice in the hard times


money, dollars, success

A life with money is different from a life without money

  • Money influences happineness
  • Money dictates level of boldness
  • Money has an effect on general life styles and your health