A Bless others class by Brother Emmanuel Akpi

Exercise is a physical activity intended to improve strength and fitness. It is a way of
releasing the stress hormone that have built up over the day or week. It releases physical tension
and boost positive endorphins that make us feel good. While Sport is competitive exercise.
Everyone already knows that exercise is important for your body’s fitness. But did you
know that it’s critical for your mental and spiritual health as well? One might even say that it is
the foundation of wellness for the entire being—body, mind, and spirit.
Believers have been commanded to prioritize their spiritual development over physical
exercise, according to 1Tim 4 vs 8. However most people use this verse to dismiss the
importance of bodily exercise and physical fitness.
It is actually a big mistake to dismiss the importance of physical health because our body
is like a vehicle for our spiritual growth process( We cannot pray, read the scripture, go to
church, do evangelism if our body is not strong enough to carry out this important activities)
Thus it is imperative to take care of our physical body.
You wouldn’t take a long road trip without checking the oil and fuel level and tyre
pressure in your car, so also if you are going on this long spiritual journey that ends in eternity,
the vehicle( Body) ought to be made fit as often as possible so as to have a smooth journey. So
remember to nurture the body with healthy food and exercise. Without that you will find yourself
prone to being thrown off-balance mentally and spiritually as you make your way through life.
People divide exercise into two broad categories:
 Aerobic exercise
 Anaerobic exercise

Others are Agility training and Yoga which are like mixture of both aerobic and anaerobic.

    Aerobic exercise aim to improve how the body uses oxygen. Most aerobic exercise takes
    place at average levels of intensity over longer periods. An aerobic exercise session involves
    warming up, exercising for at least 20 minutes, and then cooling down. Aerobic exercise mostly
    uses large muscle groups.
    Aerobic exercise is sometimes known as “cardio” — exercise that requires pumping of
    oxygenated blood by the heart to deliver oxygen to working muscles.
    Aerobic exercise stimulates the heart rate and breathing rate to increase in a way that can be
    sustained for the exercise session.
    Examples of aerobic exercises;

o Walking,
o Cardio machines like treadmill.
o Skipping,
o Jogging,
o Swimming,
o Hiking,
o Dancing,
o Some Household chores. ETC

    Anaerobic exercise does not use oxygen for energy. People use this type of exercise to build
    power, strength, and muscle mass. These exercises are high-intensity activities that should last no
    longer than around 2 minutes.
    o Weightlifting
    o Sprinting
    o Intensive and fast skipping with a rope
    o Any rapid burst of intense activity
    Note: Aerobic exercises can become anaerobic exercises if performed at a level of intensity that
    is too high.
    The benefits of physical exercise cannot be overemphasized because it cut across the physical,
    emotional and mental health.
     Improves muscle strength in the lungs, heart, and whole body.
     Lowers blood pressure.
     Improves circulation and blood flow in the muscles.
     Increases the red blood cell count to enhance oxygen transportation.
     Reduces the risk of diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease (CVD).
     Improves life expectancy and symptoms for people with coronary artery diseases.
     Stimulates bone growth and reduces the risk of bone degeneration.
     Improves sleep hygiene.

 Exercise is a powerful tool to fight depression, Anxiety and post traumatic stress

    Physical training helps to make our joint flexible and increase our range of movement so that
    we can adjust to different levels of physical stress. So also in our spiritual life, spiritual exercise
    will help us to develop spiritual flexibility so that we can align our will with the will of God,
    adjust to pressures, bend but not break, adapt but not compromise and flex without falling or
    shattering……Phil 4:11- 13.
    Flexibility will make us do difficult things that other cannot do and come out of most serious
    challenges unscathed.
    Regular exercise improves our muscle mass, fitness and strength level, so also will engaging
    in regular spiritual exercises improve our spiritual strength and invigorate our inner man so that
    we can run the race set before us till the end…..Isa 40: 30 -31.
    These are the days many people are fainting and weak because their strength is failing them no
    wonder we are talking about REVIVAL. Therefore, to achieve this revival we must improve in
    our spiritual exercises.
    Having good balance improves athleticism and promotes good communication between the
    brain and individual muscles. Spiritual exercise will improve ones stamina in the faith and curb
    the cycle of rising and falling that have plagued so many people’s walk with God. It will also
    help prevent falling for the tricks of false doctrines spreading around us. Eph 4 vs 14

Exercise is a true test of ones will power that is the ability to pull through and not quit or stop
when there challenges. Even as a sportsman will keep going even with a tired muscle and aching
joint just to get to the end of the race so is the Spiritual race.
In christianity you will come up against sensations and temptations that will want you to stop,
sometimes part of you want to slow down or quit but perseverance will help you to keep holding
forth and holding on…..Phil 2 vs 16
I pray we will continue to hold forth till the end in Jesus name. Amen

    During a physical race or sport, the focus is usually on the target or goal. This focus is
    important so as to curb distractions that might prevent the achievement of one’s goal and crown.
    In the spiritual race, our focus on the goal which is HEAVEN is important so that the cares,
    troubles and worries of this life will not be able distract us and prevent us from getting there.
    There is a crown for us at the end of our journey here on earth and that should be our focus and
    what should keep us going daily.
    I pray that no one will take our crown of glory.
    Fitting exercise into a busy schedule can be quite challenging. However, people do not
    need to dedicate large amounts of extra time to exercise to see the benefits.
    Here are some tips for fitting physical activity in a busy schedule:
  2. See which car journeys you can replace with walking. Is driving to work necessary? If
    so, try parking half a mile away from the office and walking the final bit.
  3. People who commute to work by public transport could try getting off the bus or cab or
    bike a few stops early and walking the rest of the way.
  4. Consider walking up and down the stairs at your office instead of taking elevators for
    those working in skyscrapers.
  5. Vigorous housework and gardening
  6. For people very busy during the week, make weekends your walk out time. Schedule
    some minutes to go jogging or taking a long way or any other type of activities that have
    been mentioned before
  7. Ideally the 30mins walk 5 times in a week is recommended in order to achieve and
    maintain a good fitness level.
    You can make your walk more interesting by praying(prayer walk), listening to inspirational
    messages or music or spend it meditating. By doing that you are killing two birds with a stone
    and most times you would have walked for 40mins or 1hr with knowing because your mind is
    fixed on other things apart from your environment.
    In conclusion, the physical body is a great gift, but like any gift you receive in life, it must be
    cared for or you won’t get the best from it and it will wear out too soon. Loving your soul means
    loving your body, regardless of its age or current condition. Show your love by adding exercise
    to your everyday routine today.

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