TEMPERAMENT refers to our personality we were born with and this is mostly indicative in the way we relate with other pple!They thus speak of your STRENGTHS &WEAKNESSES!Since they determine how we relate with other pple(and even God) it is the very first subject one shld first get acquainted as he/she seek to know him/herself and to be known by other pple especially his/her marriage partner!God’s sanctification process shld to perfect our TEMPERAMENTS to give us a better personality!There are basically 4 PERSONALITY TEMPERAMENTS to which each&everyone fall into:

Desire: to have fun
Emotional Needs: attention, affection,approval, acceptance
Key Strengths: can talk about anything at any time, at any place, with or without information, has a bubbling personality,optimism,sense of humor, storytelling ability, likes people
Key Weaknesses: disorganized, can’t remember details or names, exaggerates,not serious about anything, trusts others to do the work, too gullible and naive
Gets Depressed When: life is no fun and no one seem to love him
Is Afraid Of: being unpopular or bored,having to live by the clock or keep a record of money spent
Like People Who: listen and laugh,praise and approve
Dislikes People Who: criticize, don’t respond to his humor, don’t think he is cute
Is Valuable In Work: for colorful creativity, optimism, light touch,cheering up others, entertaining
Could Improve If: he got organized,didn’t talk so much and learned to tell time
Tends to Marry: Perfects who are sensitive and serious, but Populars quickly tire of having to cheer them up all the time, and of being made to feel inadequate and stupid
Reaction to Stress: leave the scene, go shopping, find a fun group, create excuses, blame others
Recognized By: constant talking, loud volume, bright eyes, moving hands,colorful expressions, enthusiasm, ability to mix easily
An example:Peter in the Bible(thought after speaking)!

Desire: to have control
Emotional Needs: sense of obedience,appreciation for accomplishments, credit for ability
Key Strengths: ability to take charge of anything instantly, make quick, correct judgment
Key Weaknesses: too bossy, domineering, autocratic, insensitive, impatient,unwilling to delegate or give credit to others
Gets Depressed When: life is out of control and people won’t do things his way
Is Afraid Of: losing control of anything,such as losing job, not being promoted,becoming seriously ill, having rebellious child or unsupportive mate
Like People Who: are supportive and submissive, see things his way, cooperate quickly and let them take credit
Dislikes People Who: are lazy and not interested in working constantly, who buck his authority, get independent or aren’t loyal
Is Valuable In Work: because he accomplish more than anyone else in a shorter time and is usually right, but may stir up trouble
Could Improve If: he allowed others to make decisions, delegated authority,became more patient, didn’t expect everyone to produce as he does
As A Leader He: has a natural feel for being in charge, a quick sense of what will work and a sincere belief in his
ability to achieve, but may overwhelm less aggressive people
Tends to Marry: Peacefuls who will quietly obey and not buck his authority,but who never accomplish enough or get excited over his projects
Reaction to Stress: tighten control,work harder, exercise more, get rid of offender
Recognized By: fast-moving approach,quick grab for control, self-confidence,restless and overpowering attitude
An example: Paul in the Bible!

Desire: to have it right
Emotional Needs: sense of stability,speace, silence, sensitivity and support
Key Strengths: ability to organize, set long-range goals, have high standards and ideals, analyze deeply
Key Weaknesses: easily depressed, too much time on preparation, to focused on details, remembers negatives, suspicious of others
Gets Depressed When: life is out of order, standards aren’t met and no one seems to care
Is Afraid Of: no one understanding how he really feels, making a mistake, having to compromise standards
Like People Who: are serious,intellectual, deep, and will carry on a sensible conversation
Is Valuable In Work: for sense of details, love of analysis, follow-through,high standards of performance,
compassion for the hurting
Could Improve If: he didn’t take life quite so seriously and didn’t insist others be perfectionists became more patient,didn’t expect everyone to produce as he does
As A Leader He: organizes well, is sensitive to peoples’ feelings, has deep creativity, wants quality performance
Tends to Marry: Populars for their personalities and social skills, but soon tries to shut them up and get them on a schedule, becoming depressed when they don’t respond
Reaction to Stress: withdraws, gets lost in a book, becomes depressed, gives up,recounts the problems
Recognized By: serous, sensitive nature,well-mannered approach, self-deprecating comments, meticulous and well-groomed looks (exceptions are hippy-type intellectuals, musician, poets, who feel attention to clothes and looks is worldly and detracts from their inner strengths)
An example: Moses in the Bible!

Desire: have no conflict, keep peace
Emotional Needs: sense of respect,feeling of worth, understanding, emotional support, harmony
Key Strengths: balance, even disposition, dry sense of humor, pleasing personality
Key Weaknesses: lack of decisiveness,enthusiasm and energy, but has no obvious flaws, and has a hidden will of iron.
Gets Depressed When: life is full of conflict, he has to face a personal confrontation, non one wants to help, the buck stops with him.
Is Afraid Of: having to deal with a major personal problem, being left holding the bag, making major changes
Like People Who: will make decisions for him, will recognize his strengths, will not ignore him
Dislikes People Who: Are too pushy,expect to much of him
Is Valuable In Work: because he cooperates and is a calming influence,keeps peace, mediates between
contentious people, and objectively solves problems
Could Improve If: he sets goals and becomes self-motivated, he were willing to do more and move faster than expected, and could face his own problems as well as he handles other people’s
As A Leader He: keeps calm, cool and collected, doesn’t make impulsive decisions, is well-liked and inoffensive,won’t cause trouble, but doesn’t come up
with brilliant new ideas
Tends to Marry: Powerfuls because they respect the Powerful’s strength and decisiveness, but later the Peacefuls get tired of being pushed around and looked
down upon
Reaction to Stress: hide from it, watch TV, eat
Recognized By: calm approach, relaxed posture, sitting or leaning when possible
An Example: Abraham in the Bible!

Where are you on these 4 PERSONALITY TEMPERAMENTS?Or you are a combination of two or several?Our next message will be a QUESTIONNAIRE which will enable you to determine your TEMPERAMENT!!!

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