Author: Eunice Akinpelumi from idanre assembly… 

key-points to be discussed;
(1)Definition of the two terms culture and praise
(2)Why should we praise
(3)How do we do it
(4)Benefits of praises    

Definition of the two terms: Culture is the way of life, its a belief or attitude ; PRAISE means the expression to worship God  Its a way to show appreciation to God or someone who did something pleasing for us. So culture of praises means the way and method individual give praises to God.   Praise is somehow related to worship, in a neutral grand, when you want to praise God, you go firstly into worship.   WORSHIP is the  way of adoring God and way of calling down the presence of God. The question is,who do you return your praises and worship to? God is the focus of our devotion in both old and new testament. Exodus 20:2-3    God says “I am the lord your God,you shall have no other gods before me In Matthew 4:10 Jesus says worship the lord your God and serve him only. So praise and worship is not merely a natural instinct,, its a command from God.    Why should we do it(praises)  God alone is working of our praise and worship. He is God, our creator, and we are commanded to praise and worship him, Psalm 96:9 says “worship the lord in the splendor of his holiness, tremble before him, all the earth”   psalm 29:2 says “give unto the lord the glory  due his name, worship the lord in the beauty  of holiness”   when you praise and worship God,  it fills our deepest needs, and amazingly it also brings joy to God. Zap 3:17   How do we do it(PRAISES)    God tells us how to praise and worship him in his word John 14:23 says “yet a time is coming and has now come when the true  worshipers will worship the father  in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the father seeks”   (1) in order to praise God in truth, we need to know that Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me. So before you can praise or worship in the way that God desires, you have to develop a relationship with him through faith in    (2) love from the heart   Many people think that praises is only singing songs at church, but it’s much more than it. It is a condition of your heart that is  a willingness to exalt God and yield to his will.      Whether  you express your praises by singing, playing music, dancing  or in some other way,, remember that you’re called to praise and worship God with your every action every day of your life because he is holy, living and worthy  of  all our praises.     Benefits of praises   (1) praises losses  evil bondage ACTS 16:25-26   (2) when you  begin to praise and worship God, he will begin to fight your. Unknown battles i.e praises set an ambush against your enemies. 2chro. 20:18-22   (3) It brings victory over you enemies   (4) it brings a continuous joy to your heart   (5) when you give an absolute praise, it shaken the foundation of ur problems.           shalom

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