The purpose of unity

Author: Sis Ajayi Oluwafayokemi 

 MEMORY VERSE: Endeavoring to keep the unity of spirit in bond of peace. Eph 4:3

          POINTS: ▪What is unity? ▪Reasons why we need unity in the church.       ▪Unity in the family.       ▪Results.  

 MESSAGE :   what is unity ?    
 Unity is the state of being in agreement and working together.        Unity is also the state of different areas or groups being joined together to from a single organization or nation.   Reasons why we need unity in church       Unity for the purpose of Gospel; each of us as an individual may only be average, but together we can accomplish amazing things. For this reason Jesus said in Matt16:18 on this rock I will build my church and the gate of he shall not prevail it.  In the new testament the world of teamwork is unity.      Especially in the writing of Apostle Paul, love and unity are the key focus. 1cor1:10    Furthermore, Christian unity is looking out for others first Phil 2:3-4     The key to Christian unity is getting our focus off ourselves unto others sermon of unity in the ministry; we need to understand that preserving the unity that God has created is a great cost for the purpose of the church, which involves ministry, maturity and mission. Eph 4:3     We can only fulfil God’s purpose as a unified body.  we need to preserve this unity Eph 4:7-16   Unity in the family    what makes husband and wife a great team? Unity.    There are a lot of broken homes because of lack of unity between husband and wife unity help to prolong  marriage between husband and wife.   Results ▪Unity enhances love, where there is unity there is love. ▪If there is unity there won’t be war or violence. The church will not be exposed to attack, if there is unity.  ▪It also brings about orderliness and progress in the church, family, and the society. The church will progress physically, spiritually, financially and so on.    PRAYER Romans 15:5-6. May the God of patience and comfort grant us like-minded towards one another, according to Christ Jesus, that we may with one mind and mouth glorify the God and the father of our lord Jesus Christ, Amen.  

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